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Elphinstone Reef

Access: by speedboat Dive type: wall, deep, drift, adventure
Depth: max 40 m Level: advanced divers
Snorkeling: no Difficulty: medium to difficult
Current: medium to strong Site included in the dive package: no

Elphinstone is a huge 500 m long off-shore reef, with drop-offs descending to over 100 m. It is ranked among the top ten dive sites in the world. It is famous for its wonderful drift dives along deep steep walls and for being one of the few places in the world where you can dive with the Oceanic Whitetip (Longimanus) and Harmmerhead sharks.

The site features an abundance of soft corals and almost every kind of sea life can be seen here. The reef is angled slightly to the north, which causes a constant current over the northern and southern plateaus – the ideal location to catch a glimpse of different shark species.

Be aware that scuba diving in Elphinstone reef is reserved to advanced divers as current can be very strong and you are diving in the open sea.

North Plateau and East Wall:
You drop directly above the first plateau here for one of the most beautiful descents into the blue. The north plateau is around 80 m long and between 10-25 m wide, and it descends steeply from around 2 to 22 m, and then gradually slopes down to about 37 m in depth. It is covered with colourful soft corals and swarming with life. Clouds of orange anthias, hundreds of fusiliers, trevally and barracuda surround you. If the current allows, you can move to the end of the plateau in the north. Looking down to 45 m there are beautiful formations of fan corals. Look out into the blue to spot sharks of all kinds. Returning along the main reef wall, you catch sight of beautiful gorgonians and green wire corals. The wall runs steeply down to possibly hundreds of metres below. There are many cleaning stations on the way to keep you amused and huge amounts of fish stocks – moray eels, butterflyfish, angelfish, large schools of black snappers, goatfish and more.

South Plateau and West Wall:
Depending on the current, it is possible here to either dive from the south and then move in a westerly direction, or drop on the west wall and drift to the south. The south plateau gradually slopes down from 18 m to approximately 35 m in depth. Dropping onto the south plateau, close to the reef, you are likely to come face to face with an Oceanic Whitetip shark (Longimanus). Visit the deep part of the south plateau that is covered with brown soft corals and swarms of anthias. In the sheltered area near the reef are many superb photo opportunities. The west wall is adorned with abundant soft and hard corals. In the shallow part (8-10 m), the reef is pitted and the sunlight plays beautifully through the holes. You are bound to see moray eels, lionfish, trevallies and many other species of fish here.

Elphinstone Reef
(certified divers)
120 € / pers.

🕒 Duration: half day

€  Inclusions / Exclusions:

✓  Transfer
✓  Snacks and refreshments
✓  2 guided dives
✓  Air (12L tanks)
✓  Weights
✓  All taxes and fees

✗  Diving equipment (available for rent)
✗  Additional services
✗  Tipping

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